Rites and Rituals

So Treiben Wir Den Winter Aus (Thus We Drive the Winter Out) (Coming soon)

The Importance of Song in Ritual (Currently being constructed)

Sólmónað Fægening / Charming of the Plough Sample Ritual (This is an unpublished page.  Contact me if you would like access.)

Artwork by Carl Larsson

Artwork by Carl Larsson

Other Sites — Rites and Rituals/Trow and Thew:

The Ealdrice website has several good pieces of information.  Below are just some samples! Check out the website for more trow and thew, wordhoard, etc.

Ordgeþanc has several wonderful hymns. This is just a sampling of holy tide hymns but there are other on the gods, etc. as well.

Both Gering Theod and Frigga’s Web have informative articles that I’ve found useful.  Here’s a few: