Géol/Yule Songs:

Yule Songs

Apple Tree Wassails


“A Winter Wassail”  Faith and Muse


Harvest Songs:

Harvest Songs


 “All Among the Barley”  Tinkers Bag (song starts about a minute in)

“Reaphook and Sickle” Waterson: Carthy (Amazon)  Lyrics

“John Barleycorn” The Watersons  Lyrics

“Eismahd/Ice Mowing” Forseti  Lyrics  (German)

“Welkes Blatt/The Withered Leaf”  Forseti  Lyrics  (German)

“Abendrot/Red Sunset”  Forseti  Lyrics  (German)

 “Lichterflug/The Flight of the Light”  Forseti  Lyrics  (German)


Éastre/May Day Songs:




Dancing the Maypole

“Jack in the Green/Jack’s Alive”  Magpie Lane

“Jack in the Green” with Motley Morris morris dancers


Plough Songs:

Plough Songs


“Gods Speed the Plow”  (Traditional — Middle English) No known melody.

“All Jolly Fellows/Speed the Plough”  Magpie Lane  Lyrics


Midsumor Songs:

“Solstice Past”  Hagalaz’ Runedance

“The Midsummer Song”  Phil Underwood


Winterniht Songs:

“Twa Corbies” Steeleye Span  Lyrics

 Lady with knight's shield2The-Twa-Corbies

 “Windzeit/Season of Wind”  Forseti  Lyrics  (German)


Songs in the Elder Tongues:

“Deor” Performed by Will Rowan (Old English)  Lyrics

“Thuner Biad [Thunor Boast]”  Written by Hildiwulf , Performed by Aelfric (Old Frisian)

Guthe Inweita (Invocation of the Gods) Performed by Aelfric (Old Gothic)

“The Wéonde Gealdo (sacred boundary song/chant)”  Written by Swain Wódening (Old English)  Lyrics


All of Ælfric’s music is awesome.  Chase Hill has a Heathen song book called Hail, the Turning Year! available through Lulu if you can read sheet music.  (No CD available.)